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95. It also featured Heron, or "bowl-in-piston" type combustion chambers where the combustion takes place within the piston bowl area, and not just in the cylinder head as would be the case with flat top pistons. The site currently consists of a Volkswagen T25  / T3 / Vanagon Westfalia Camper Model History, Volkswagen T25 / T3 / Vanagon Westfalia Camper Buyers Guide, Volkswagen Westfalia T25 / T3/ Vanagon Downloads section, Westfalia T25 / T3 / Vanagon Camper Useful Links page and VW Camper Related Books page. The 16" syncro had larger rear brakes taken from the VW LT and fender flares which hid the area where VW trimmed the arches to give more room for larger tires. Additionally, there is another box framed horizontal strut on the inside of the vehicle that attaches to the door frames. SK101255 Outillage spécifique VW. The automatic option for the 2.5 was dropped, leaving only the five-speed manual. Exterior changes included rectangular headlights (on selected models), and different paint options. Alternateur / dynamo seul. Combi westfalia 1968. The Wasserboxer featured an aluminum case, cylinder heads, and pistons, and a forged steel crankshaft. Magnifique Volkswagen T3 Westfalia Joker camping-car 4 places, moteur 1.6 td. Kieftenklok Renkum, NL. C’est simple : Cherchez, Cliquez, Trouvez !     All rights reserved. If you find this site useful and would like to make a donation to help towards the running and development costs please click on the button below: Thank You ! Aktuelle Magazine über lesen und zahlreiche weitere Magazine auf entdecken Double... 2 100€ Signaler cette annonce. Porsche created a version called B32 in a limited edition. During the 1980s, the U.S. Army and Air Force in Germany used T3s as administrative (non-tactical) vehicles. Approximately 45 WBX6 3. of VW Westfalia T25 / T3 / Vanagon campers. When the heating is on the … Pages: 2 . Introduction These instructions contain important information about the internal features of your automobile. Yet, the VW remained "operational" (drivable) and "the doors could be opened relatively easily" And "the deformation of the interior was negligible", as declared by the testing agency. Volkswagen T3 Syncro Westfalia de 1991 . The automatic was a standard hydraulic three-speed unit, the same 090/010 unit as used in Audis of the era. Chauffage programmable. 3.2 L (3164 cc) (165 bhp) VW-Oettinger Wasserboxer, fuel injected. Je m'abonne. A 'Weekender ' version that lacked the refrigerator, propane stove, and sink of the full 'camper' versions offered an optional removable cabinet with a 12 volt cooler and self-contained sink. 1977 4 à 5 mètres. Early Volkswagen split-windshield Kombis were built between 1950 and 1967. Multivan models featured Wolfsburg Edition trim and an interior with rear-facing seats, the same fold up table, a pop-top with an upper bed, and cabinet behind the rear seat on the driver's side. Feb 21, 2016 - VW Vanagon Westfalia cabinets, van spice racks, van consoles, Westy consoles, Westfalia cabinets, Westy cabinets, VW Camper cabinets - a useful site for enthusiasts and owners of VW Westfalia T25 / T3 / Vanagon campers. '&charset='+document.characterSet : '')); The van, based on the luxurious Carat model, was equipped with the 231 PS (170 kW) 3.2 liter Carrera engine and was originally developed to support Porsche's testing activities in Algeria. The 091 manual transmission was a four-speed unit, featuring a lightweight aluminum alloy case; from 1983 a 5-speed transmission was available as an option on certain models; a 5-speed was fitted as standard on Syncro four-wheel-drive models. This engine used a more advanced engine management system known as Bosch "Digifant" which now digitally managed ignition timing as well as fuel delivery. Trouvez ici les offres actuelles Volkswagen T3 California chez AutoScout24, le plus grand marché en ligne de voitures en Europe. Outils Divers. 8-B) Carrosserie - Westfalia et Camper T3: Manuel d'atelier réparation agencement Westfalia Montage embase tournantes Westfalia pour sièges avant Catalogue des pièces détachées frigo Westfalia Electrolux RM 184 - Multilingual Plans coffre - meuble WC, style Westfalia The Westfalia California was introduced in late 1988 and the Westfalia Atlantic a few months later in mid 1989. - a useful website for owners and enthusiasts of VW Westfalia T25 / T3 / Vanagon Campervans. Outils Embrayage. Expédié en France. Vendu à 19500 € Vend combi westfalia. Available engine options differed between regions. Because of the engine placement, a T3 has nearly equal 50/50 weight distribution fore and aft. Die meisten entstammen Postings aus dem VW Bus Forum, das ich nur empfehlen kann, nette Leute, die auf jede Frage eine Antwort wissen. [4], There was one more six-cylinder engine, used in the VW Oettinger WBX6. Wolfsburg Edition and camper van vehicles were outfitted for Volkswagen by the Westfalia factory. - a useful site for enthusiasts and owners of VW Westfalia T25 / T3 / Vanagon campers. The Vanagon driver's impact was only 30. Ten of these were built, with some sold by Porsche to special customers. 1.6 L (1588 cc) (51 kW / 70 PS / 69 bhp) (Serial # JX) Turbocharged I4. convient aussi pour t2. VW T3 Ersatzteile: Die größte Auswahl an technischen Teilen Neu & Gebraucht VW Bulli Parts Bernd Jäger Seit 15 über Jahren Extracteurs. The Volkswagen T25 / T3 Westfalia Joker with Grey Furniture / Dark Grey Edging and Grey Upholstery Model History. Translated into English by – a useful website for VW Westfalia T25 / T3 / Vanagon Camper enthusiasts. Volkswagen subcontracted the modifications to the company Westfalia-Werke in Rheda-Wiedenbrück. Deze auto heeft een benzine motor met rond de 80 pk. All later models had black plastic 16-slat covers that slotted in at the top and screwed down at the bottom. Having owned several Volkswagen T25 / T3 Westfalia campers over the last few years I have built up some knowledge so I thought I would build this site and share my experiences with other Volkswagen Westfalia enthusiasts. : 255070705AS: 129.00 € * Add to Cart Bed plate back in the pop-top 121,5 x 106,5 cm. 3-3 Camper Van T3 : avec une surhausse rigide ; 2-3-1 de chez Westfalia ; 3-3-1-1 le modèle Joker [10] : ce modèle peut aussi être proposé, avec toit relevable toilé ; 3-3-2 le constructeur Carthago [11] envisage dans ses aménagements, un bloc sanitaire, WC/douche indépendant ; 3-3-3 du constructeur Delher : Vw Camper Volkswagen Westfalia Campers Vw Bus T3 Vw T3 Syncro Volkswagen Transporter Vw T1 Vw T3 … In addition to the camper models, a Carat trim level was available for 1990 and 1991 model years. Volkswagen Aircooled Westfalia Joker T25 / T3 Camper (And Watercooled Diesel) The first 1979 T25 / T3 models were available with either 1.6 or 2.0 litre aircooled engines. viens d’être testé ce jour en 220v fonctionne parfaitement fait du froid... laissé pour 200 €. According to AZT, this test is said to be representative of 90% of all accidents. now stocks one of the widest ranges of T25/T3/Vanagon/LT Westfalia parts in the UK with new items being added all of the time. Early models had a twist-on/off non-locking gas cap right on the outside just under and behind the passenger side door. Product no. Maintenant Semaine Mois. "[10][11], These vans were made with a "forward deformation zone" consisting of four "side members" below and in front of the passenger compartment making a four-pronged forked frame with a "deformation element" which is mounted in front of this making it extremely effective at absorbing impact. [3] The original Syncros came equipped with the gasoline 1.9 with 78 PS (57 kW) and a "4+G" gearbox, with the G being a low gear for offroad use (Gelände in German).[3]. basic steel or chrome-plated steel bumpers with plastic end-caps. W. Webmycar Il y a Plus de 30 jours. [10][11], In a 47 mph (75 Km/H) crash between the front of a Volkswagen LT31 (structurally the same as a T3) and rear of a stationary full-size Chevrolet Impala, the rear of the Impala was completely destroyed with the rear trunk being pushed up to just behind the driver's seat. Unit comes in original Westfalia box with part number sticker etc as you would expect from a factory NOS part. Vous énervez pas le moteur ne fonctionne pas ! 251.000 km. In the US this was available on 1982 and 1983 models only. The last T3 off the production line in Uitenhage on Friday 16 June 2002 was a gold-coloured Microbus 2.6i which Volkswagen SA retained for their AutoPavilion, Place of Cars and Legends, which first opened its doors in 2004. See more ideas about Camper, Camper interior, Van interior. [10][11], The T3 has a large cult following, especially the Westfalia camper version, and many owners have had the VW engines replaced, due to their reputation of being underpowered and unreliable, particularly the Wasserboxer. typ 2). Vw T3 Camper Vw Bus T3 Volkswagen Offroad Camper Camper Van Motorhome Land Rover Defender Vw T3 Westfalia Campervan Hacks. Emplacement de l’étiquette constructeur : Emplacement de la M-plate: Exception sur les modèles Westfalia: Emplacement plaquette constructeur Emplacement numéro de châssis (V.I.N.) 1.6 L (1588 cc) (37 kW / 50 PS / 49 bhp) (Serial # CS) Naturally aspirated diesel I4. The development of the engine was originally contracted to Oettinger by Volkswagen; it was derived from the regular Wasserboxer and meant for projected use in the T3. [10][11], In an "overturn" test of "a fully equipped VW (Type 2 T3) Westfalia customized camping vehicle" traveling 'sideways' at a speed of 31 mph (50 Km/h) on a specially designed 'sled' that 'launched' the vehicle causing two complete rollovers, the report found that "the roof remained fully intact and the doors remained closed". Toit relevable. [15], Concepts and future models: Microbus Concept, Third generation of the Volkswagen Transporter, [Allianz-Zentrum fur Technik Gmbh Crashverhalten von Frontlenkern der 1 Tonnen Klasse 4 June 1984], Learn how and when to remove this template message, "Pics: VWSA museum cars destroyed in wreck",, "Tom's VW Pages! Contrôles & Réglages. VW Camper. All doors opened easily. A Camper version known as the "Campmobile" with integrated kitchen, complete with refrigerator (which ran on propane, 110 V or 12 V), a two-burner stove, and stainless steel sink with onboard water supply. Quelques cloques sous la peinture en bas des coins arrières et bas de caisse droit. Voici le Saint-Graal des fourgons VW T3 Syncro : un Westfalia de 1991 … Ce van est un excellent exemple d’utilisation durable d’un véhicule et, pas de rouille pour ce VW T3 Syncro Westfalia qui a toutes les commodités. - Nous parlons français een rondreis door europa? Die Multimobile - Westfalia T25 / T3 Info Site. from These featured a cast aluminum alloy case for the transmission section and a cast iron case for the final drive section. également pour t4. 2.1 L engines suffered the same, mostly due to not having the antifreeze changed often enough, and the use of phosphated coolant, which caused corrosion in the cooling system. Kombi-legend location vous propose un véritable voyage dans le temps au volant de notre van vw camping car t2 westfalia "berl. Meuble haut, type westfalia pour tous t3, t2, t4. Accessoires périphériques . Toile de toit Westfalia, T3 5/1979-7/1985, jaune/orange, 3 fenêtres, spécifications SERIAL-Kombi Toile d'excellente manufacture, fabriquée exclusivement pour SERIAL-Kombi selon nos spécifications, à partir d’un tissu 100% coton très lumineux et avec trois ouvertures pour procurer une plus grande luminosité dans l’habitacle. 200euros à débattre dans la mesure du raisonnable. Translated into English by – a useful website for VW Westfalia T25 / T3 / Vanagon Camper enthusiasts. if (!document.MAX_used) document.MAX_used = ','; When VW abandoned the project, Oettinger bought the rights to the design and put it on the market. [4] Top speed was around 135 mph (217 km/h), although Porsche only claimed 116 mph (187 km/h) to ensure that the numbers could be replicated with nine people in the car and with the air conditioning on full. Subsequent models for North American and European markets featured round sealed beam headlights or smaller square headlights, with the primary lights outboard and high beams inboard. se monte probablement aussi sur t2. Versions produced in South Africa from 1990 until 2002 featured an Audi five-cylinder engine. Be the first to know about new or featured Camp Westfalia how-to articles, product reviews, and destination trip reports, plus other VW camper events, #vanlife news and more.. And the legroom was only slightly restricted." Bekijk meer ideeën over Camper, Knutsel idee, Geschenk geld. Voir la description complète. Bac à batterie abîmer par la rouille. Vendu à 99 € Meuble haut arrière pour bus combi vw t3 (typ2. VW transporteur T3 1988 60000 km . The Expert for VW parts is buyCARPARTS.CO.UK 2.1 L (2109 cc) (90 bhp) (Serial # SS) 9:1 compression ratio Wasserboxer. propose une large sélection de pièces auto WESTFALIA à prix réduits. vend wolkswagen t3 westfalia joker d origine . 3.7 L (3664 cc) (180 bhp) VW-Oettinger Wasserboxer, fuel injected.

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