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trinity seven arata

Archived. Grimoires (魔道書, Madōsho? Stream or Watch Trinity Seven (Dub) free online without advertisements on AnimeVibe | トリニティセブン, Trinity Seven, [] Sypnosis : One day, the bright red sun stopped shining, causing the "Breakdown Phenomenon"—the destruction of Arata Kasuga's town and the disappearance of the people inhabiting it. Height Notably, despite being a Demon Lord Candidate, Arata was born as an average child with no magical abilities to a normal family until he awakens his magic in high school. Manga She was also under the impression that he attempted to make her his mistress. Looking for information on the anime Trinity Seven? Lieselotte Sherlock es la hermana gemela mayor de Selina y la Trinity Seven de Acedia. Anime 2. Complying with his wish, the grimoire would recreate the world in a different dimension and pose as Hijiri until Lilith's arrival. Human During elementary school, the two would develop a close bond with each other as Arata was the only one who treated her kindly despite not knowing she was a Magus. Black Regardless, she decides to continue to aid him. However, he knows where to draw the line, as he refuses a kiss from Yui because that is only for "when we're closer". Astil Manuscript (Sora) & Ilias Fragment (Ilia). Yoshimasa Hosoya Due to his nature as a Candidate, Arata can transform into Demon Lord Astral Trinity under stressful situations. Their usual interactions often involve teasing others with perverse jokes and situations. Ayesha - Due to her support of Anna's goals, Ayesha and Arata are technically enemies despite their lack of interactions. When he transferred to the Biblia Magic Academy, he mainly started wearing the Academy's uniform, which also consisted of a white dress shirt, black t-shirt underneath, penny loafers, dark suit jacket with the school symbol on the breast pocket, and pants. Audio drama Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. While tempted, he would ultimately refuse, causing her to forcefully restrain him. Arin Kannazuki - As members of Trinity Seven, Arin and Lilith are good friends, normally getting along with each other. The trinity seven you know and love but with an OP and Smarter Arata. Out of the Trinity Seven, Levi is the only member that he has not been able to strip with his magic. Race E9 | Bible Battle and Sweet Memory In a world of rifted dimensions, Arata and the girls try to survive the onslaught of monsters, but when things go too far, Arata’s emotions awaken the dark power inside him. Initially, Arata usually wore his first high school uniform, the top half consisting of a black t-shirt, worn over by a white dress shirt and an unbuttoned black gakuran jacket. After dispatching with the Code-D dragon surrounding her, Arata was quick to get to know the new side of Yui the girl who saved him chapters ago. Arata fulfillment of the Trinity (mastering three Themas) grants him the ability to use the Magic King weapon, the Black Imperial Sword Judecca. Cada día es un día normal en el pequeño pueblo donde Kasuga Arata vive. While his magic as Demon Lord Candidate awakened, one day after high school, Arata and Hijiri, secretly Sora (The Astil Codex) in disguise, were heading home until they passed under a highway. School During Ayesha's battle with Mira, Arata would intervene and save her from defeat, although Ayesha insisted that she did not require help. Voiced most times by Yoshitsugu Matsuoka. However, the two would later become allies after he fell under Anna's control. After regaining his senses, he became aware of the Black Sun and destruction surrounding him as the real Hijiri found him. ImperiumAbiesFidesStagnaRuina Currently, Arata received the mark of the Magic King on his right hand after obtaining Judecca and learning three different archives despite not fully mastering Acedia. A light novel adaptation by Kenji Saitō with art by Akinari Nao is being published by Kadokawa Shoten. Trinity Seven Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Refusing, Arata instead convinced her to make him a magician and as a result, enrolled him at the Biblia Academy. Sora  - The Astil Manuscript or Sora, was originally Hijiri's grimoire before being given to Arata. Archive(s) He would not find out until they would meet again when he became trapped inside her alternate dimension while investigating the disappearance of Lieber Academy. Trinity Form: Signifying that he has become a true magic king, Arata's attire in this form includes a white long-sleeved shirt, under a shoulder cape and collared vest with arm gloves. During Ish Kerioth's attack on Biblia Academy, she would be able to return thanks to her sister Selina lending her body. Print. He is also noted to be very perverted, often finding himself in risque situations or confessing his desires towards a girl. Occupation(s) Upon transferring his magic to Anastasia-L in order to stabilize her existence, Arata forfeited his Demon Lord Element which rendered him a normal mage. However, he has gradually been able to partially control the changes. Okto - Arata would initially meet Okto after incapiacitating the demon army she summoned to evaluate his strength. Almost instantly, he became aware of her presence, blushing when he tried to approach her. In her dream world, he would first meet her idealized self. Despite this, Arata does not hold her actions against her and still treats her normally. Hijiri, Levi, Yui, and Lieselotte have all at one point or more kissed Arata on one part of his body. Royal Biblia Academy 175 cm Male Race Yoshitsugu MatsuokaJPCameron BautschEN. Amazon Brigade: Trinity Seven is a group of seven female mages that mastered their respective Archives of magic. Ordered by Mira to destroy him, their first encounter would involve her nearly obliterating him if not thanks to Yui's intervention. Trinity SevenGrimoire Security Black Imperial Sword Judecca#Relationships, Ironically, after Arata masters Judecca, she quickly desires the weapon which immediately drains her magic in an erotic manner when she touches it. 1. Seeing his reliable and good nature, she developed a sense of respect and trust for him. Lilith Asami As the first mage (besides Hijiri, whom he didn't know was a mage initially) and member of the Trinity Seven that Arata encounters, Lilith was the person responsible for introducing Arata to the magic world. Currently, she now uses this form to interact with him regularly, sometimes offering to something suggestive with him. High-quality Trinity Seven Wall Art designed and sold by artists. Furthermore, she is very loyal towards him, willing to support and protect him no matter the circumstances, saving him from most dangerous situations. The first volume was released on November 8, 2014. Even then, he does not hold her actions against her, typically jesting with her in the end. [2]. Hijiri KasugaCousinDeus TrinityFatherMotherDeceased ), is simply mediocre. It is also hinted that she may have developed feelings for him. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. However, despite her frustrations, Lilith deeply respects and cares for Arata, willing to support and protect him. Mira would eventually allow Arata to live after he stopped the Breakdown Phenomenon, but continued to distrust him as she viewed him as an "impure" existence. Arata Kasuga春日 アラタ (Kasuga Arata) The lower portion consists of a white cargo pant, sarong, and dark boots. Since forming a contract, the two of them have become very close, deeply caring for one another's well being. Notably, Arata's apparent attraction to Anna has caused some jealousy from the other girls. When she was nearly about to killed by llya, Arata, becoming despaired at his lack of power, transformed into Astral Trinity as a result. A running gag in the manga has, Arata always saying " Thank you for the feast " When he sees one of the Trinity Seven members naked. Thankful for her intervention, they would get along almost immediately; Yui would even start calling him big brother straightaway. ), refers to the devices of sorcery, usually in the form of books, containing knowledge about magic. However, later on, Abyss Trinity fused with the sword and visited Arata and Lilith right before Lilith's battle started in the Magic Tournament. While invoking his magic to control a Breakdown Phenomenon, both his hair and eyes will begin to turn white, resembling Astral Trinity. Yoshitsugu MatsuokaJPCameron BautschEN. Affiliation(s) Arata himself has also been stripped numerous times due to his magic being reflected by Mira or simply running out. Originalmente sellada en una mazmorra, desde entonces ha sido salvada por sus amigos y Arata, convirtiéndose en un aliado cercano y amigo. As a result, she states that she will marry him because as his wife she will get his possessions. Shop unique custom made Canvas Prints, Framed Prints, Posters, Tapestries, and more. After a Breakdown Phenomenon destroys his hometown and causes his cousin Hijiri to disappear, Arata becomes determined to save her by becoming a Magus and transferring to the Royal Bibilia Academy where he fatefully meets the Trinity Seven. Astral Trinity would then order her to submit herself to him. He thanks her with a smile for saving him from his despair. They would not actually meet until Arin caused Arata to create a Breakdown Phenomenon which began destroying the school. Normally, he wears the dress shirt top button unbuttoned and untucked with the tie loosened. During battles, they are able to work together effectively as a team, trusting and caring for one another deeply. Most notably, Arin and Hijiri have an unknown connection due to their identical appearances, as well being users of the Chaotic Rune mag… Additionally, he is able to see Spirits as one of the few people chosen by the world. Proclaimed as Arata's partner (or wife), Arin develops in interest in him early on to see if he was worthy of becoming her partner. Despite being a Demon Lord Candidate, both of Arata's parents were normal people without magic. He is very calm under pressure, in both perverted and dangerous situations. Upon retrieving his magic which has been stored within, Saitō, Kenji, writer. In casual attire, he wears a looser variation of his school attire. Under the influence of Astral, Arata's magic and strength are augmented enough to overwhelm grimoires and the Trinity Seven. One day, the boy’s customary u… She would suddenly reappear in front of him and the rest of the Trinity Seven, including her sister Selina, as an evil mage. During his training with Arsha, Arata grew his hair longer which he ties into a ponytail with a hairband. El Sol Negro causó el Fenómeno del Desglose que destruyó el pueblo de Arata. Furthermore, Arata has become adept in combat tactics, capable of providing guidance and directions to his friends during battle. Introduction Performance Lieselotte Sherlock - As the last member of the Trinity Seven Arata meets, Lieselotte originally was missing before Arata transferred to Biblia Academy. Anime Despite his surprise, Arata would nevertheless quickly come to accept the grimoire as his daughter, even giving her the name of Lilim. Hereafter, he would master the Logos Art with her help and bring her back to the real world. It is implied that Lilith is in love with him, often blushing when around him and becoming jealous whenever he interacts with other girls. The girls from Biblia and Liber Academies must form an unlikely alliance to ensure Arata's return. However, he initially was not sure how to act around her because of her identical resemblance to Hijiri. Hijiri, a secret mage, sacrificed herself in order to protect Arata, which would later motivate him to become a magus as well in order to rescue her. 3. Despite Arata's short time as a mage, his abilities has progressed greatly partly due to her magic and guidance. Arata himself is also aware of the Demon Lord's actions during the possession. Upon forming a contract with Judecca during the Sky Library mission, Arata became the Demon Lord Weapon's master, gaining the ability to wield and utilize her abilities. Rated: Fiction M - English - Supernatural/Humor - Arata K., Lilith A., Hijiri K., Astil Manuscript/Sora - Chapters: 35 - Words: 90,851 - Reviews: 262 - Favs: 869 - Follows: 915 - Updated: 6/1/2019 - Published: 3/10/2016 - id: 11833358 The shoulder cape, vest, sarong, waist-cloth, booths, and arm gloves have a black with white edges or cuffs design. During battles, they have been shown to have great teamwork, understanding and trusting one another's intentions. Arata has a habit of grabbing the closest thing to him upon waking up, which most, unfortunately, leads to him accidentally groping any nearby girls' chest. Later in the real world Ceres appears in front of Arata while he was depressed at Hijri's loss, and mentions that Arata and her soul are one now, and will always be together. He considers this to be the final frontier. Forming a strong parental bond in spite the short duration of their relationship, he in particular would become grateful of her presence, allowing his friends to bond with one another. However, she will usually become embarrassed when he accidentally strips her with his magic. The first time this happens, he triggers Astral Trinity's awakening to prevent it. Being just as crafty and perverted as him, she and Arata easily got along with each other. Unfortunately, her use of her Final Technique trapped her in her own time dimension. However, she would end up stealing his magic, offering information on Hijiri if he joined her side to lower his guard. Manga Arata cares very deeply for others, especially his friends. Out of the Trinity Seven, Lilith is probably the closest to Arata and interacts with him the most. Ceres - Though the both of them never really met, but Arata did have a similar feeling of her when she saw her in a dream. However, if someone is able to distract Astral for a moment, his grimoires can revert his state and return control to Arata. Height Although, it is unclear whether or not she has feelings for him, she does enjoy being with him and commonly teases him as will, causing him to blush many times. Espero les guste comenten y subscribance gracias por verlo **NOTE: This AMV is made with non-profit or does not represent another company. She is the last of the Trinity Seven to meet Arata. Upon transformation, Astral Trinity possesses Arata's body while retaining his main physical features with several alterations. Additionally, the level of his magic is also significantly increased, such that if angered, he is capable of dominating the magic around him. During those times, Ilya would often pose as her and take care of Arata, unbeknownst to him. Furthermore, since switching to the Sword Magus class, the two quickly developed a strong bond, being able to efficiently coordinate during skirmishes as well as intimately support each other between battles. Paladins. This feat is accomplished by his grimoires rearranging the magic into one he can wield through the following steps: Upon completion, Arata then is able to access and cast spells with his own variation. Close. During Lieselotte's return, Selina helps save Arata avoid her sister's attack. Red Imperial Sword Caina - Red Imperial Sword Caina is owned by Abyss Trinity and Arata had battled Abyss, who used the weapon. who does arata end up with. 1. 17 Upon Abyss Trinity's appearance, she chooses to support and protect him than escape, even showing concern for his safety. During the Sky Library mission, Lieselotte would help prevent Arata from turning into Astral Trinity as well as teach him to master her magic so he could control Judecca. ; Battle Harem: Most of the powerful female mages of Trinity Seven are attracted to Arata. Eventually, he would be return to normal due to Sora and Mira's efforts. This information would immediately turn out to be the catalyst for Arata's decision to save Hijiri by becoming a mage. Grateful for his help, Yui has since become very attached to him, often hugging him as much as possible and even going into his bed bare naked. During the final battle with Abyss Trinity, she would help disarm his weapon, expressing that it was her nature to take all the good things for her husband. Gender Characteristics Stark Naked MagicOuter AlchemicMantra EnchantLogos ArtChaotic Rune 17 Afterwards, Selina would initially interact with him to get a scoop for her news article, however they quickly got along with each other, being able to easily talk to one another. Since then, the both of them have grown very close, strongly trusting in one another despite their past. Kenji, Saitō, and Nao Akinari. To Arata's horror, he would then witness his cousin disappear in front of his eyes, unable to reach her before finding himself in an empty world. "Principle & Break Zero." Trinity Seven Trinity Seven, 12/12 Cuộc sống của Arata Kasuga đang dần biến mất, thế giới cậu đang sống dần dần bị hủy diệt bởi một sự cố kì lạ được biết đến với tên gọi “Collapse Phenomenon” – “Hiện tượng sụp đổ”. School However, he would figure out her deception using an old picture the real Hijiri drew as a child, much to her amusement. Akio has once stated that it was fun being with him. 4.1k. In order to stop or prevent a Breakdown Phenomenon, she will not hesitate to take a life in order to complete her mission. However, he now includes a vest over the dress shirt and a red tie. Mira is a serious and driven individual, having a very passionate belief in justice. Lemons of course. Despite their initial meeting, Akio and Arata remain friendly and get along very well due to their laid back natures. They would not formally meet until later when Anna helped him after he fainted from a hallucination. 2017. Despite her treatment, Arata would remain friendly towards her, often teasing her and causing risque situations that sometimes invoked a violent reaction from her. Affiliation(s) Lilim -  Upon absorbing his magic, Hermes Apocrypha is able to become sentient, thus viewing him the Demon Lord Candidate as her father figure. Usually, this is by complete accident, but he simply rolls with it and lets himself enjoy the situation without getting worked up about it. Recently, he has learned to adjust the level to avoid stripping every piece of clothes. The usual effect causes an individual's Magus Mode to forcibly removed, often resulting in the victim's clothes being removed. On one occasion, Arin broke down time and space to save Arata when he was nearly about to be killed by Hijiri. Taking on HIjiri's form again, she would reappear before him, acting cheerfully and casually with each other despite being enemies. However, despite her willingness, Arata surprisingly holds himself back; once refusing a kiss from her, stating that that was something for when they were closer. Futhermore, the two are willing to work together to protect against a common enemy. Recently, it has been hinted that she may have developed feelings for him, becoming jealous when he gets close to other girls. Relative(s) He is willing to risk his life and become stronger to save those he cares about, such as Lillith, Yui, Lieselotte, etc. The appearance in the sky of a black sun and a girl named Lilith will force Arata to open his eyes to the world around. Arata Kasuga is the Demon Lord of the Superbia Archive and main protagonist of the series, possessing the ability to nullify and copy magic. Arata has a carefree and cheerful personality, usually bantering and teasing others even in dangerous situations. Magus. Sin embargo, todo cambió en día del Sol Negro, y seguido de ello, un mago aparece ante él. Semua, bagaimanapun, belum hilang; Dengan memanfaatkan sihir grimoire yang diberikan kepadanya oleh teman dan sepupunya Hijiri Kasuga, dunia Arata secara artifisial direkonstruksi. Created Sep 6, 2014. During the Sky Library Arc, Arata admits that the Trinity Seven members are essentially as important to him as Hijiri is, showcased by one of his very rare shows of anger towards Abyss Trinity  for hurting Akio. Ceres also seems to love and care for Arata as she always smile when they are together and even hugged him once. In times of need, Arata can become very dependable. However, despite their affiliations, this has not stopped them from getting along and working together. One day, the bright red sun stopped shining, causing the "Breakdown Phenomenon"—the destruction of Arata Kasuga's town and the disappearance of the people inhabiting it. “Impel Arm & Trinity Process”. who does arata end up with. Status Anime She was happy to see him again in his dream. Although, she often becomes very flustered by his perverted teasing and antics, causing her to become extremely embarrassed or angry, sometimes even act out violently.

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